Therapeutic massage doesn't have

to be a painful experience.

It can be relaxing and insightful.

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It was Christmas of 2000. After living in Eastern Canada for twelve years I packed up my

belongings, with my freshly rolled biology degree under my arm, and headed to Toronto to pursue a career in a field of which I had very little knowledge:

massage therapy. I graduated in 2002 full of knowledge and empty of specific direction. However, after taking a course in craniosacral therapy in 2004 from the founder of the Sutherland-Chan school I attended, Grace Chan, the sensorial highway opened and I began a journey as winding and beautiful as the Cabot Trail.


Craniosacral therapy is almost an opposite to Swedish massage. You don't receive information in the usual massage way: mechanically with your hands and fingers. Information is received proprioceptively: through the position and movement of your joints. It is slight. It is subtle. It is powerful. This alternate way of receiving information opened up my sensory perception in a way I had never

imagined. This would lay the corporeal foundation for my passion to explore every layer possible of the complex, dynamic, and energetic organism that is the human body.


The last ten years I have been pioneering my own unique style of massage therapy to achieve this goal. It is a daily study and evolution. It is a blend of Reiki, deep tissue massage, and fascial realignment all applied in a pain-free way by a healthy dose of intuition. It is an exploration of how infinite energetically and finite anatomically I can balance the systems of the body. We are energetic beings in an energetic universe. We should function as efficiently as possible at

any given moment in time.


The benefit to this approach is that it isn't restricted by vocation or body type. Whether you are a teacher, banker, dancer, musician, even Sidney Crosby it can help. My clients range from students to lawyers, mothers to muay thai fighters, actors to scientists. I treat concerns ranging from basic muscle and joint issues to neuropathies, TMJ issues, tendinitis and plantar fasciitis, headaches and migraines, and physical trauma. With more and more frequency dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other RMTs refer clients to me when the standard approach has stalled or plateaued. I have chosen to step out of the box of what is achievable traditionally and replace it by what is achievable intuitively.



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