Intuitive massage unravels the body like a tangled string: precise; meticulous;



I often hear from clients that my massage treatments differ from their previous massage experiences. Therefore, I asked several ongoing clients to describe my massage in their own words.  This is not meant as an endorsement. It is included to offer first hand perspectives on what I offer as a massage therapy service. Also, it elucidates how it differs from a traditional massage experience.  I hope this helps prepare you for your visit.

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“I have had the pleasure of being treated by Ryan Hayes for the past year and a half. My reasoning for walking through the door initially was a simple case of stress & tension. His vast knowledge of a combination of therapies takes massage to a whole new level. What starts off as a massage, becomes an experience. He works through the muscles, easing the tension with deep tissue work, and the use of the body's energies through Reiki. Often I wonder where the heat comes from, and realize it is the energy from Ryan. It's an incredible sensation!


There is never any pain, there are points of pressure but never pain. I tend to be quite compacted through my lower back and ankles, but through various points of the massage I will feel as though my legs are growing, as the muscles and tensions are released. I feel taller when I leave!  I have had good massages in the past that left me feeling good for a day or two, but a massage with Ryan Hayes makes me feel amazing for weeks! I feel like a well oiled machine when I leave a session. Once a month, I book a massage with Ryan and it allows for a happy body, mind & spirit, I can't ask for more than that! Thank you Ryan!”










“The experience is absolutely positive. Ryan is both respectful and intuitive in his work. He uses a variety of techniques, ranging from Swedish type massage to Shiatsu to gentle manipulation. Each massage is different--not the same old routine that often massage therapists use over and over again. I always leave his massages feeling specifically attended to and calm and energized.”













“In my experience, it's closest to what I've received from an osteopath vs any other RMT massage I've received.


You've addressed my overall mobility issues, posture, movement etc as well as have reset any joints that are off (i.e. my wrist). You noticed something was off with that arm before I did.


I tell people I don't really know what you're doing but you find these spots and apply pressure and when you're done I can breathe properly, and stand up straight, and turn my head, and move again. I feel like the tin man being set free.


From a client on the table point of view, it might not seem like much is happening. But off the table there is a huge difference.”













“I had been massaged a lot in different clinics and spas. I have problems on my shoulders and neck due to working with computer. Moreover, I'm an active person, I go to gym and run marathon. Sometimes other parts of my body for example my legs were tights. Ryan was not only massaging my sore muscles but he took care and adjusted the alignment of my body. When I had massage from others before I felt good on massage table however the next couple days my body felt sore. It was different from his method. I think he combines the western and eastern massage methods. I don't know the name of his particular massages. I felt he transfered his energy to my body. As he said massage was not supposed to be painful. Every time I finished treatment with him, my body felt relax and rejuvenate. No sore muscles anymore on following days.”















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